Woodland Wedding Venue Scotland. 1680 Logie Country House.
Woodland wedding venue Scotland

Woodland Wedding Venue Scotland

Are you looking for a Woodland Wedding Venue Scotland? or maybe an outdoor wedding venue? At Logie Country House wedding venue we have it all. Our ballroom nestles in ancient woodland that is carpeted in snowdrops, bluebells and daffodils. The woodland is made up of mature beech, oak, pine and horse chestnut. There is a sprinkling of rhododendron that was imported in the 1800s and there is silver birch, sycamore and pine too. There are lots of red squirrel that call the woods their home. We even had an episode of Countryfile filmed at Logie when the New Arc animal charity released a red squirrel into it’s new home and there have been many other rehoming’s here including otters and deer.

The woodland is lit with colour floodlights on wedding days and is a favourite place for photos. There is a path through the woods to the walled garden too.

Wedding Venue next to water?

Did we mention that the river Urie runs right across the front lawn next to our ancient woodland? The river is famous for brown trout and probably salmon and joins the river Don just down the road at Inverurie. The lawn is another favourite place for an outdoor wedding.

Pictish Standing Stones?

Our woodland wedding venue Scotland also has three Pictish standing stones?  They are class 1 too! so that’s nice. The original owners of the house hoiked them off their moor back in the day when you could do whatever you liked. They plonked them on the back of a cart and planted them in the garden. 200 years later the garden has turned into a woods, the stones have turned into scheduled ancient monuments and you get 20 years in jail for touching them. Probably.

Woodland Wedding Venue in Scotland

So if you are looking for an indoor or outdoor wedding venue with stunning woodland, water and wildlife, look no further. We hold two and three day wedding celebrations. Our superb wedding coordinators, Gillian and Lila will assist you all of the way. Don’t forget that you get the 17 bedroom 1680s house that will sleep up to 50 guests with an indoor pool, hot tubs and a private island too.

We look forward to welcoming you to Logie Country House. You will not be disappointed.