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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a Room

This is one of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Sorry but do not rent out individual rooms at Logie Country House. The brides and grooms rent the entire house and allocate the bedrooms themselves. There is plenty of local accommodation though. Please see the nearby section in our app or our suppliers page.


Please email us to arrange a viewing. Please do not turn up at Logie Country House without an appointment as we are usually fully booked and the house will be  occupied by our guests. A prior appointment will always be necessary.

We want your wedding experience to be as enjoyable as possible, so here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we are often asked.

Do you have a floor plan?

Yup. The floor plan tells you where you can fit camp beds, cot beds or which rooms have double sofa beds too. Please don’t try and fit temporary beds anywhere else, as they will not fit or are not allowed (e.g. in the Cinema). Click here to download the floor plan. If it doesn’t download, enable downloads on your browser. If that doesn’t work, try fiddling with the security settings for hours. If that doesn’t work and you haven’t lost the will to live, try a different computer.

How many bedrooms are there?

There are 17 bedrooms in the house and the two self-contained rooms off the courtyard. Two bedrooms have wheelchair access. The house sleeps about 50 in 17 bedrooms and we also have sofa beds, cot beds and camp beds. Use the Floorplan section in our app (LogieVIP free from appstore & gamestore) to find the bedrooms by name.

What do we need to bring?

We provide tea, instant coffee, filter (ground) coffee,  sugar, milk, etc. We provide soap, all the linen, bedding and towels, bathrobes, flip-flops, dishcloths, washing up powder, dish soap, bin bags, dishwasher tablets, all the cleaning products and tea towels. There are irons and ironing boards too. There are hair dryers in each bedroom. We can put away online orders from Tesco / Sainsbury / ASDA / Majestic if you arrange with us first and please make delivery between Noon – 6pm on Monday and Thursdays only (This is the time the the cleaners are in the house to put stuff away).

I’m forcing granny to cook all the food. Will she have enough plates & pans? How will she wash up afterwards?

We have enough cutlery, crockery, pans, pots, baking trays, casserole dishes, knives, chopping boards, BBQ implements, etc for preparing a meal for 50. Please check with us if you have any special requirements though. We also have four dishwashers.

Better than ruining Grannies day, you could order everything from Hudsons Catering who can do very cost effective drop offs for evening meals (trays of lasagne, chilli, stovies, etc).  These can be just drop off, or you can get servers to lay everything out, serve and clean up afterwards. (Lets face it, having someone serve and clean up is TOTALLY worth it!) You can also order breakfast (Fry up cooked by a chef in the house and served or just drop off bacon rolls, croissants etc). If you have a catered meal, the catering staff will clear up your mess (even from the night before) too. No brainer in our view! 

How do I order room service?

Sorry, you cannot order room service as we don’t do it (although the fridges are usually full of food and drink so you can help yourself). There are guest handbooks in the house that will give you more information on local restaurants that deliver.

Where do we cook?

There is a four oven Aga (on in the winter months), three electric ovens, one commercial oven and a microwave in the main kitchen and a range cooker in the guest wing kitchen. We have four commercial fridges and a small freezer. There are two big gas BBQs in the courtyard. There are a few restaurants in Inverurie where you can order takeaways too (see the guest handbook for details) or Hudsons Catering can cater for your entire stay and clean up afterwards.

Wheelchair access?

The entire ground floor of the house and ballroom are wheelchair accessible. There is accessible parking in front of the ballroom and house. The ballroom has a wheelchair accessible toilet. The main house has a wheelchair accessible toilet and wet room in the tower and a wheelchair friendly apartment (Game Store) off the courtyard that has a wet room too. The snug in the guest wing is suitable for wheelchair access and we can put in a double divan bed in place of the sofa beds if required.

We also have a transit (4 small wheels) wheelchair available on prior request.

Do you have cot beds, camp beds or high chairs?

We have six high chairs, four cot beds and four camp beds that we are happy to set up for you. We provide all the bedding and linen for these too.

Who organises everything?

Gillian or Lila will be organising and running the wedding day itself to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Stef is always available too should you need anything. Tim is available, but he is pretty useless and only really good for mowing the grass and hanging paintings. Definitely don’t ask Tim any questions or phone him. Oh and he can change lightbulbs.

The house is old. Is it freezing cold in the winter?

Nope. The entire house has three new boilers and state of the art Wi-Fi controlled central heating. The pool is 28 degrees. The pool room is 24 degrees, the hot tubs are 40 degrees and the house is nice and warm too. There are also five log burning fires (and we supply as many logs as you like) if you want things warmer. If you want to be warm outside in the courtyard, there is a firepit.

How does everything work?

There are guest handbooks in the house that explain just about everything.

Elephants? Dogs? Horses? Lamas

Yup. Dogs are very welcome…unless the happy couple don’t like / are allergic to dogs in which case we don’t allow them and have never had any stay before. Horses & lamas are welcome too, but please keep them outside! Elephants would probably be welcome too.


We have free parking behind the ballroom. We would ask everyone to park there, rather than in front of the house itself as otherwise your car may be used as a table during the drinks reception. You can leave your car overnight. All we ask is for you to pick it up before the end of the day that the happy couple check out.

Electric Car charging?

There is a dual 7Kw charger by the boot room door. There is a charge for using it (sorry). Payment can be made by PayPal, bank transfer, cash or you can just steal it.

Duck Down Duvets?

Most of our pillows and duvets are duck down. Please let the happy couple know if you require hypoallergenic bedding before you arrive.

Allergies / Intolerances?

Please let the happy couple know about any allergies and / or dietary requirements well in advance of the wedding.

Vegetarian,Vegan, Nuts and Stuff?

Hudsons Catering can cater for vegetarians and vegans and all allergies, so please let the happy couple know your requirements. There are a few stuffed animals around the house. These are from various auctions and are hundreds of years old (we didn’t shoot them – promise!).


The happy couple will let you know the check-in time. Please don’t turn up early as you will almost definitely not get let in. There are electronic PIN entry locks on several outside doors. The codes are advised to the happy couple who will pass them on to their guests.

CCTV / Nanny State?

We have CCTV everywhere outside and in the ballroom. There are no cameras in the house, so you have complete privacy.

Damage / Breakage?

Please treat the house with respect. We understand that accidents happen and very rarely charge for breakages. Please let us know though, so we can fix it before the next guests check in.

What About Catering?

We ask that you use Hudsons Catering for the wedding meal and bar on the day of the wedding. We do not allow any other caterers for the wedding day. Hudsons can cater for Asian, Jewish, Kosha, Vegan, Indian, Scottish, etc cuisine (and have on numerous occasions at Logie!). Guests frequently use Hudsons for other meals throughout their stay. Hudsons know exactly how the house works and what they need to provide and clean up too.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

You can drink your own alcohol in the house and grounds on any day except the wedding day (as per the terms of our drinks license). Hudsons bar prices are very reasonable though! (normal pub prices)

Do you have BBQs?

Yes, we have two gas BBQs. Many guests use Hudsons Catering for BBQs. Hudsons can also arrange a hog roast or pizza oven!


The house is cleaned after every stay. The cost for this is included in the hire cost, unless the house is left in an unreasonable state (think Marie Celeste) in which case we charge for additional cleaning at £25 +VAT per cleaner per hour.

Games consoles?

We have five Xbox One S, with two wireless controllers each. There are spare batteries in the kitchen. We check the controllers work every time guests check out, so we know when you steal the batteries. The Xboxes should log straight in to our account, but feel free to log in your own account if you have one.


The wifi was upgraded from dial up to full fibre to exchange (900 mb) in January 2024. We took the opportunity to install 25 wired wifi access points too, so you should all be able to watch videos at the same time. We have a backup Starlink connection too, should someone plough up the broadband line (again). Look for SSID Logiecountryhouse. The latest password is in the handbook in the house. The Sonos Wifi is for our Sonos speakers and only the bride and groom get the password. There are other Wifi things, but these are for special people.


We have several log fires (open and enclosed) and supply all of the logs and fire lighting accoutrements.

First Aid?

We have a couple of first aid kits in the kitchen in the main house and the cupboard in the boot room. There is a defibrillator in the ballroom. Several staff members are trained first aiders. We also have a transit wheelchair, two (yes two) scissor stretchers and crutches available.

Hot Tubs?

We have two 6-60 person hot tubs in the courtyard that are serviced daily.


We have an ice machine in the ballroom and a smaller one in the guest wing kitchen. You are unlikely to need to bring any bags of ice unless you intend having an ice bath.

Irons, etc?

Yup. Have that. Plus a washing machine (and detergent) and a tumble dryer.

Smoking – what are the rules?

No smoking allowed in the house or ballroom (£500 deep cleaning bill per room if you stink it up). Please do not try to rip the smoke alarm off the ceilings either, as the alarm will go off in every room in the house and will not reset (someone did that once. Duh). There are ash buckets and loads of ash trays outside, so please use them. We aren’t really fussed about vaping though.

How do I get to the house if I drive a vehicle over 2 tonnes?

The rear drive to Logie is suitable for any traffic (including double-decker buses). See the below for a map and youtube videos for more information.

Caravans, Campers and Tents?

Tents – Nope. Not allowed. Caravans and camper vans are allowed with the happy couples permission. Please don’t turn up without getting their permission first as they may not really like you, or want you to be close by and it would be embarrassing when we tow you away. There are two super pitches in the car park. (Please don’t put up an awning though). These pitches are purposely not completely flat so you can practice your levelling skills. There is water, a grey water drain and electric hook-up. There is no cassette disposal. (Awww what a nice way of saying poo). There is a charge for the electric which can be paid by cash, bank transfer, PayPal or theft.

Feedback? Missing Frequently Asked Questions?

We would love to get your feedback on anything about Logie Country House. If you have positive, glowing, or fawning feedback please email Stef at If you have any negative or grotty feedback or complaints please email Tim at and he will forward to Stef.

Find your way

Logie Country House is easy to find once you know the way. It is in Scotland, Aberdeenshire, just outside Inverurie, 17 miles west of Aberdeen.

The simplest way to enter via front drive from the A96 (shown here in green). This route  is not listed on Google maps and some Stanav systems so it’s important to look out for the entrance. It’s important to note that the front drive crosses a small bridge with a two tonne limit, so larger vehicles such as buses or trucks must enter he rear road (pictured here in pink). 
if you are unsure of the directions, please see the below links which show YouTube videos of how to get to Logie.

contact Logie Country House Directions
contact directions from huntly
contact directions from inverurie
contact directions from inverurie rear drive

Awards and Accolades

Logie Country House has won several awards and nominations and is featured in the best wedding directories

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