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Logie Country House,
A96, Pitcaple,
AB51 5EE

Tel: 08450 942424


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Please Note: We do not rent out individual rooms at Logie Country House, as the bride and groom rent the entire house and allocate the bedrooms. There is plenty of local accommodation.
For more information, see the accommodation section on our suppliers page.

Find Your Way

Logie Country House is easy to find once you know the way. The simplest way to enter is via the front drive (shown here in green) from the A96 . This route is not listed on Google maps and some SatNav systems so it’s important to look out for the entrance. It’s important to note that the front-drive crosses a small bridge with a two-tonne limit, so larger vehicles such as buses or trucks must enter the rear road (pictured here in pink). If you are unsure of the directions, please see the below links which show YouTube videos of how to get to Logie.
Logie Country House Directions
directions from huntly
directions from inverurie
directions from inverurie rear drive

Awards and Accolades

Logie Country House has won several awards and nominations and is featured in the best wedding directories

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