Wedding Venue with Helipad Scotland. Award Winning Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue With Helipad

Wedding Venue with Helipad

Wedding Venue with Helipad Scotland

Are you looking for a Country House Wedding Venue with Helipad in Scotland? Look no further. We have a huge flat lawn that we mow and a great big orange windsock and that is all you need! We could even rustle up some whitewash and paint a big H if you like.

Logie Country House may be in the highlands of Scotland, but we are only 17 miles from Aberdeen airport along the A96, so no real need to charter a helicopter. Unless you want to that is and lots of  lovely Brides and Grooms do! 

Our helipad (the lawn) is in front of the house, about 20 meters from the front door (dependant on how good your pilot is), so you will not have far to walk. An added bonus of Logie Country House is that the house is relatively secluded, so you won’t have to worry about having your hub caps stolen overnight.

Everyone had a helicopter

Back in the oil boom days, almost everyone in Aberdeen had a helicopter. Now it is a lot more down to earth, so you will have to look for somewhere to charter one. There is a constantly changing array of places offering charters. Your best bet is to simply Google it (see some links we found below) or maybe ask some A list celebrities if they can fly you all. You never know! The nearest place to charter a helicopter at time of writing is in Perth. 

Another great wedding idea is to take a trip to a local golf course by helicopter. President Trump’s got a decent course (or two soon) just up the road. There is a convenient helipad there too! The beauty of a three day wedding celebration at Logie Country House wedding venue with Helipad is that you will have time to jump into a helicopter with whoever you want to bring and fly off for 18 holes and be back in time for tea / your wedding.

When we first installed our windsock, we were inundated with emails and calls asking if we had bought a helicopter! Yeah right. We had just spent all our helicopter money on our new purpose built sound proofed, air-conditioned ballroom.