Outdoor Wedding Venue Scotland

Outdoor Wedding Venue Scotland

Ever dreamed of having an outdoor wedding in Scotland? Probably not? Doesn’t it always rain? or snow? Isn’t it always blowing a gale? Yes! No! In fact an outdoor wedding venue Scotland can be absolutely stunning. So make it a real memorable occasion and in Scotland, weddings are allowed to go ahead anywhere outside. 

We have held some beautiful fairytale outdoor weddings on warm sunny days at Logie Country House and we have held some beautiful fairytale outdoor weddings on not so warm sunny days too, but no one even notices the weather.

Outdoor weddings in Scotland are magical. Also there are plenty of outdoor wedding venues too and you always have the backup option of moving inside if the weather really does not play ball. So in other words, let’s face it, not playing ball means heavy rain. But you will have a pretty good idea of the weather a day or so beforehand. So why not take the plunge and go for something really unique.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Courtyard?

One of the favourite spots to tie the knot outside is in our sheltered courtyard, which is stunning all year round. We can accommodate around 120 guests here. The courtyard is surrounded by flowers and birds and is sheltered from the wind by the house and courtyard walls. If you like, we can arrange for a Marquee covering in case of rain. Many of our outdoor wedding brides and grooms provide umbrellas just in case.

Outdoor Wedding Venue Lawn?

Other favourite spot for an outdoor wedding is the lawn in front of the house, or by the river or even next to the ballroom. The scenery is beautiful and some of your guests may just jump in the river afterwards. (If the weather is warm and the drink is flowing, or if they are in the army!)

Private Island Outdoor Wedding?

A great place for a small outdoor wedding is on our island in front of the house. Underneath the trees, with the soothing sound of running water makes for a magical ceremony.

Woodland Wedding Anyone?

Another great place for a small wedding is in the ancient woodland by the ballroom. These woods are carpeted with snowdrops, daffodils and then bluebells from January until June. There are red squirrels foraging here too, so keep the rings close. Colour floodlights light up the trees at night, which make for lovely photos. There are many outdoor wedding venues in Scotland and we are one of the best.

Druid Outdoor Weddings

One very unique setting to get married is next to our three Pictish standing stones. They are in the woodland by the house. These stones are around 2000 years old (1800 years older than most of the trees) and form a very unusual spot for a wedding.

Considerations for Outdoor Wedding Venue Scotland

We have a weather radar app that lets you know if it is going to rain in the next hour, so you can tweak the start time of your wedding to suit if there is rain in the air. We also have a great supplier for outdoor chairs who will not charge you if it rains and you can’t use them. Additionally we have a number of suppliers for Marquees if you want to be super safe. 

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