country house wedding venue with courtyard

Scottish Country House Wedding Venue with Courtyard

Are you looking for a Scottish Country House Wedding Venue with Courtyard? Or even a Courtyard Wedding! Look no further! Outdoor weddings are hugely popular in Scotland and where better to tie the knot that in our beautiful, fully enclosed courtyard!

We have held many fairy-tale weddings in our courtyard. Some in the Sun and some in the rain. Some under a marquee and some under umbrellas. Even some in between rain showers! We are waiting for our first outdoor snow wedding, but that will be a very brave couple. (Update: We had one in 2023!)

A Scottish Country House Wedding Venue with Courtyard is the perfect place for an outdoor wedding!

Our courtyard is screened on three sides by the house and the Cold store and Game store form the screening at the other end by the gate.

The top part of the courtyard is grassed and surrounded but pots of herbs and flowers. This part of the courtyard is separated from the main area by a lavender flower bed. This bed used to be a high screening wall with cattle shed, but we upgraded! The main area of the courtyard is flagstoned and surrounded by flower beds. There are grape vines, honeysuckle and wisteria covering the walls of the house. There are swallows nesting in the window recesses and lots of birds nesting in the plants in the summer.

Wedding Venue Courtyard Features

The courtyard is a beautiful area all year wound, whether you want to sit around the fire pit in the snow or have your wedding day barbeque here, the possibilities are endless.

There are also two covered hot tubs in the courtyard. These are hugely popular. In fact, so popular that Stef made me buy every conceivable spare part for each, so that they will never be out of service for more than the time it takes me to fix them.

If you are looking for a Country House Wedding Venue with Courtyard, then look no further.