Private house with Wedding licence

Private House with Wedding Licence

Country House with Wedding Licence

Logie Country House is a private house with wedding licence. We have been successfully hosting weddings for over 10 years as a private house wedding venue. So if you are looking for a private house with wedding licence, then look no further. There are many private houses for weddings in the UK, but multi-award winning Logie Country House only hosts weddings. So we are exclusive use and available for two day mid week and three day weekend weddings.

There is actually no such thing as a private house with wedding licence in Scotland, as licences are no longer required for premises. They are not required for outdoor weddings either and we have held may beautiful outdoor weddings in our courtyard, on the lawn, by the river and even in the ancient woodland adjacent to the house.

So if you are looking at private house wedding venues, you have come to the right place. We can host weddings for up to 160 day guests. The house has 17 bedrooms and sleeps up to 50. There is an indoor pool, outdoor hot tubs, a private island and even a trout river running across the lawn. The beauty of private house venues for weddings, is that you can make the celebration your own. Bring in your own entertainment. Our caterers can provide whatever you like. Scottish, Halal, Kosher, Thai, Asian. Anything! There is no chicken, potato and carrot set menu here (unless you like chicken with potato and carrot)! 

Another great thing

…about a private house with wedding licence (or not in our case!) is that you can relax with your nearest and dearest over a few days. There is no rush as we will set up for the wedding the day before. No makeup at 4am and no checkout at 10am the next day. There will be no struggling down to breakfast at 8am with a sore head to catch the last glimpse of everyone before they leave. Relax in the unpretentious surroundings of Logie Country House Wedding Venue, Scotland, for the wedding of your dreams.