Best Place to get Married in Scotland. Scottish Country House Wedding Venues Scotland

Scottish Country House Wedding Venues Scotland

Are you looking for the perfect, fairytale Country house wedding Scotland? Are you looking at Scottish Country House Wedding Venues that will fit the bill? Then look no further! 

Logie Country House is a Scottish Private Country House for weddings. It started off as a tower House (Scottish Castle) in 1680 and was modified and extended over the next 120 years. Today it is a beautiful 17 bedroom, 23 bathroom, Country House. It is just perfect for a long wedding weekend (three days and nights) or mid week (two days and night) wedding celebration.

Logie Country House Wedding Venue Scotland has been holding weddings for a number of years. We have won many awards and many 5 star wedding venue reviews too. Also we have a purpose built ballroom for large weddings (up to 160 day guests). In particular, the ballroom was built for weddings only, so it perfectly furnished and lit before you even start your decorating. Additionally our Dining room is perfect for smaller weddings for up to 60 day guests

We have won a number of wedding awards and appeared in lots of “Best Country House Wedding Venue Online Features“. Meanwhile our caterers Hudson Catering have won lots of awards too.

Scottish Country House Wedding Venues. The Logie difference

Most Scottish Country House Wedding Venues provide overnight accommodation. So the difference between Logie Country House and most other wedding Venues is that 15 of our bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and the other two bedrooms have a huge bathroom in the middle that is perfect for families. In addition, all of our bathrooms have underfloor heating too. Another thing that distinguishes us, is that the house is warm and cosy in the winter, as it was completely rebuilt in 2009 following a devastating fire in 1974. So now we now have state of the art heating in every room. We also have lots of fires too and all the logs you want!

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