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Pictish Standing Stones

Welcome to our Pictish Symbol Stones (Pictish Standing Stones), set in the ancient woodland adjacent to Logie Country House Ballroom

The stones are listed as a scheduled ancient monument  so are accessible to all, but please keep a meter away. No touching, etching or jet-washing clean. They are located just past the first Wedding Parking sign off to the left before you get to the gateposts by Logie Country House. Look for the dog graveyard!

There are three class 1 (Pre Anno Domini 800) symbol stones of whinstone, each incised on one face, originally lay horizontal and close to each other on the Moor of Carden. The moor was planted about 1812; the stones were built into the plantation wall on the west side of the wood the east side of the road. 

Back in the day you could pretty much do what you like as a landowner, so the kids were dragged out of the chimneys and sent off to the moor to bring the stones back and plant them in the garden. 

There was a fourth stone which was used by the tenant as a hearthstone in his kiln. Unfortunately, this one was split by the heat and destroyed.

The three Pictish Symbol Stones are calved as follows

Logie Elphinstone 1 shows a crescent and V-rod over a double disc and Z-rod. 

Logie Elphinstone 2 crescent V-rod over a double-disc and Z-rod with an Ogham inscription above. Traces of another double-disc are apparent amongst the symbols.

Logie Elphinstone 3 crescent and V-rod below an elephant.

These stones were all carved before Charlemagne, king of the Franks, was crowned Holy Roman Emperor. 

These two links give you more information on the Pictish Symbol Stones, including a fantastic set of 3D scans.