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Say “I Do” at Logie Country House – The Perfect Historic Wedding Venue

Are you on the hunt for a historic wedding venue with a story to tell? Look no further! Logie Country House, built in 1680 on estate lands dating back to 1472, is the place where your fairy-tale wedding dreams come true. Let us take you on a journey to the heart of this enchanting venue.

Our Charming Heritage

Logie Country House is a 17th-century masterpiece, steeped in history. Started as a traditional tower house (Castle), the house was extensively modified in the 1700s. Today its classic architecture and breath-taking courtyard make it the perfect backdrop for your special day. The house boasts 17 elegant bedrooms, an indoor pool, private island and country estate, ensuring your guests have the most memorable wedding ever!

A Trip Back to 1680

The year 1680 was a time of notable historical events. King Charles II was on the throne, Shakespeare’s First Folio was published, the Dutch established the Cape Colony in South Africa, the highland clearances and Salem witch trials were 10 years away, the collecting of mud, rocks and straw to build Logie Country House began. 109 years later the USA had its first president and nearly 200 years later modern day Canada began. 

Affordable Elegance

We understand that wedding costs can add up quickly, but at Logie Country House, we offer an affordable price that won’t break the bank. Have a look at some of our offers and discounts.

Your Special Day

Logie Country House is not just a venue; it’s your canvas to paint your love story. Picture your ceremony in the picturesque courtyard, surrounded by your loved ones. Our fantastic (free) wedding planners, Gillian and Lila will ensure everything runs smoothly, from the moment you arrive until your last guest leaves. We’re here to make your day unforgettable.

Why Choose Us?

The house was extensively upgraded in 2009 after a devastating fire in 1974, so think very old house with heating that works and no drafts. The best of both worlds. We take pride in offering a beautiful, unpretentious, family run historic wedding venue, making your wedding day truly unique. We believe in making your day memorable without any hassle.

So why wait? Choose Logie Country House, your historic wedding venue. Book now, and let’s start planning your dream wedding!

Your journey to a historic wedding venue starts here. Contact us today to secure your special day at Logie Country House. Say “I do” in a venue that’s as extraordinary as your love story.

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