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Small Weddings Scotland

Ginny – “Seems silly doesn’t it? A wedding given everything that’s going on”.
Harry – “Maybe that’s the reason to have it. Because of everything that’s going on”.

The Ideal Wedding Venue for your (small) Big Day

Here at Logie Country House we know how difficult things can seem arranging your perfect wedding at the moment. Lockdown? Prohibition? Tenth wave? Voldermort coming? Martians landing? don’t drink? do drink? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! We have a selection of mid week and weekend dates on offer. Book a small wedding Scotland with us and you get to have whatever the government allow. If it’s not at least 20 people for your wedding and reception then we will give you a full refund (that means everything, even your deposit)……

………. or we will let you move the date forward when we have availability or you can have your day and get a ballroom function for up to 180 guests at any time in the future. Whatever happens, we want you to have the day of your dreams without the stress and worry that goes with the times we live in. 

Want your wedding next week? You only need you wedding licence, a dress and your guests. We can source the rest! We have loads of great suppliers ready for you and we have our A-Team wedding planners, Gillian & Lila, ready to help too. We have the signs and the rules and a fogging machine that also works on apple orchards, but all subtle, in the background, so you will hardly notice.

I want my Dad to walk me down the aisle and I want the guests to be mask free and I want speeches and they better be good. Don’t worry. We have a microphone and you can get married outside in our courtyard and we can even get it covered. The funny speeches are up to you though.

What about the hotel? Don’t worry, all of our bedrooms are ensuite, all of your meals will be catered and served by our staff. The pool still works, its 28 degrees and you can all swim anticlockwise at the same speed trying not to laugh. The Jacuzzis are open too, if you don’t sit on each other.

Don’t worry, with nearly 20,000 square feet of accommodation, you’ll be able to spread out comfortably and still tick all of the government boxes.


We are happy to offer 20 person weddings and receptions with all of the help that you need for sourcing suppliers and arranging your special day. If the numbers are relaxed, you are welcome to have more guests, right the way up to 160. We will refund or rebook you if we can’t provide what we promised. You can cancel or postpone right up to a week before your date. 

Our small and micro wedding Scotland offers run until 2021 Springtime and we have both mid-week and weekend weddings.

Don’t forget, we have log fires and state of the art heating and outdoor hot tubs and a snow plough and an island and so far none of these have been banned, so you can still enjoy them.

Experience Luxury


If you would like to know what we can offer for small weddings drop us an email from our contact page and we will send you options, price and availability.

If you want to know the COVID rules, please look at our FAQ page.

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