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DIY wedding venues Scotland?

Are DIY Weddings Cheaper?

Here are a few DIY ideas that can help you save money on your wedding. Bear in mind that DIY weddings take a lot of time and effort, so concentrate on the less time consuming and more financially rewarding aspects. After all, you want to enjoy our wedding too! 

  1. Make your own wedding cake, or buy an off the shelf cake. Costco do great cake designs. Or do not even have a wedding cake!
  2. Make your own decorations. A wood slice, whisky bottle and fairly lights is a very popular and cost effective option as is a bottle with a single flower.
  3. Do your own Hair and Makeup or have a friend do it for you.
  4. Scour the small ads for second hand wedding paraphernalia.
  5. Rent your wedding dress, or even borrow one.
  6. Decorate the venue yourself. Get friends and family to help out.
  7. Use specialist wedding suppliers for some of the decorating and do the rest yourself.
  8. Don’t go overboard. Do you really need a chainsaw juggler to entertain your guests?

Here at Logie Country House we have lots of options to save money and get really involved in your wedding planning. Our two fantastic wedding planners, Gillian & Lila have tonnes of experience and can give you some great advice on what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s a great wee writeup about DIY weddings from Hitched 

If you are you looking at DIY wedding venues Scotland? Logie Country House is always flexible and we try to give our brides and grooms whatever they want. If we have it, you can use it! So whether it is somewhere for a horse or Llama. Or maybe somewhere to drive some segways or shoot some clays. Outdoor music and BBQs are always popular as is somewhere to park a prosecco bus or traction engine! You want a funfair on the lawn? We have done that too!

Fancy some fishing? There is a river across the lawn. So you want to go for a swim? Then we have an indoor infinity pool or you can just jump in the river (with all your clothes on is a firm favourite)!

We can also let you have your wedding ceremony outside. Some favourites include the Courtyard or the front lawn. Also if there are less than 10 guests, you can get married on our island. You can even get married by out Pictish Standing Stones.

Whatever it is you are looking for from your Fun Wedding Weekend, Logie Country House is the place to be!

Fun DIY Wedding Ideas
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