Logie Country House Terms & Conditions


  • By making a booking you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • A booking fee will be taken at the time of booking. You are booking the entire house and all of the rooms. The booking fee and payment terms are as follows.
  • A £1,500 (Weekend booking) or £1,000 (Mid-week booking) booking fee is required to secure the booking.
  • A valid credit / debit card must be used to guarantee the security deposit prior to check-in. The expiry date of the card must be later than the requested check-out date. We may pre-authorise a credit / debit card for the security deposit to cover damage. This is only charged should there be any damage.
  • All accommodation is strictly non-smoking. Guests who smoke or allow smoking in the accommodation will be charged £500 per room for deep cleaning. There is under cover smoking available outside the house and ballroom or a further 140 acres of open space on the doorstep.
  • Check-in time on day of arrival is 16:00. Check-out time is 10:00 on day of departure. Early and later check-out times are usually available subject to prior request.
  • All quoted rates are inclusive of applicable sales taxes.


    • You are required to take out your own wedding insurance when you make a booking. This insurance should provide you with a full refund of all of your costs should the wedding be unable to go ahead for any reason whatsoever. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance is adequate.
    • We regret the need to levy a cancellation fee, but it is extremely difficult to re-let Logie House at the same rate without sufficient notice (which is well over a year for a wedding booking).
    • 50% of total must be paid at least 14 months before your wedding date and the remaining balance paid at least four months before your wedding.
    • Our cancellation policy is based on weddings being booked on average 23 months in advance. The closer to the wedding date, the more difficult or even impossible it is to re-sell the date.
    • The booking fee is non-refundable. It covers our time (viewings, meetings, emails, quotes, etc) as well as re-advertising and potential price reduction in reselling your wedding date
    • 100% refund given (including booking fee) if you cancel with at least 23 months notice.
    • 100% refund given (minus booking fee) if cancelled between 15-23 months of wedding date
    • 50% refund given (minus booking fee) if cancelled between 12-15 months of wedding date.
    • No refund if cancelled with less than 12 months to wedding date.
    • We will offer you a refund up to 100% of money paid if we are able to resell a cancelled wedding irrespective of when you cancel. 
    • We will always try our best to resell a cancelled wedding date (and nearly always have) and we usually have a waiting list too.
    • We reserve the right to take any fee due from the credit / debit card used at time of reservation, up to the full value of the booking.
    • We reserve the right to cancel or change any reduced rate or free re-booking made after the original booking was cancelled.
    • We reserve the right to charge (up to the full published rate) for any re-booking made where the original booking was reimbursed in full or in part by the clients’ own insurance.
    • We will refund money paid to date minus expenses incurred or arrange an alternative wedding date in the event that the wedding cannot go ahead due to a local authority or government ban, but only if you first claim a refund on your wedding insurance and the insurance company refuses to pay out AND your subsequent appeal to the insurance ombudsman is turned down.
    • We will not be held liable for any third party costs or expenses.
    • We will not be liable to provide a refund or alternative date in the event that the wedding can go ahead, but where any government restrictions are applied  (Although we will do our utmost to come up with an agreeable solution with you in this event)
    • We will not be liable to provide a refund or alternative date in the event that anyone in the wedding party cannot attend for any part of the wedding stay.
    • We will not be liable to provide a refund or alternative date in the event that  anyone in the wedding party cannot attend due to travel restrictions or requirement to quarantine.

    • In the event that we are forced to close by the Local Authority, we will provide an alternative wedding date but will not be held liable for third party costs or expenses.

    • We reserve the right to cancel a booking without refund if the final balance is not received within four months of check-in.

    • All payments will be refunded to the card or bank account that they came from.


      • You are booking the entire House and all of the bedrooms. You are then responsible for all of your invited guests and anyone else that is allowed in the house. You are also responsible for taking any individual room payments.
      • We reserve the right to ban any suppliers from Logie Cuntry House.
      • We reserve the right to ban any person from Logie Country House.
      • For the purpose of these terms, House includes the House, Out-Houses, Stables, Ballroom, Grounds and any Marquee.
      • We ask that you behave respectfully. While we are happy to welcome guests, we will not tolerate inconsiderate behaviour and reserve the right to eject guests, without notice or refund. Examples of what we consider inconsiderate behaviour are drug taking, excessive noise (we have neighbours to consider), damage to property, smoking in the accommodation, driving on the lawn, etc.
      • The lead guest (the person who paid for the House) is responsible for the behaviour of everyone who uses the house during their booking. They are also responsible for ensuring that people on the premises are their guests or known to them (e.g. not gate crashers). They are responsible for any damage, losses or theft. They are also responsible for ensuring that the house is locked and secured. The house manager works solely for and as directed by the owners. (The caterers will provide their own staff in the case of weddings and functions).
      • Guests will be held liable for any damage, loss or personal injury that they, their guests or anyone on the premises may cause. Where appropriate, this liability will include an out of service charge for the accommodation at the published rate, for the duration that the accommodation is out of service, plus the full cost of alternative accommodation, should subsequent guests be relocated or inconvenienced.
      • We do not allow self-catering where government restrictions apply. Catering and staffing will be chargeable if required.
      • Anything out of the ordinary (i.e. trestle tables and shivari chairs) furniture moving will need to be carried out at guests cost.
      • The Ballroom is only for use on the day of the wedding / function and will usually be available for setting the day before. Use of the Ballroom the day after the wedding may be possible with prior arrangement.


    1. Fireworks (indoor, outdoor or “animal friendly”) as there are horses close by. Last lot of indoor fireworks cost £6500 for new drapes. Outdoor sparklers and “indoor” fireworks are ok
    2. Chocolate fountains (had a bad and very expensive experience with the curtains and walls in the Drawing Room and a bride’s dress).
    3. Confetti – except strictly inside the Ballroom and it must be biodegradable (cannot vacuum it off the driveway). Confetti cannons are banned everywhere (cannot vacuum it out of the ceiling drapes).
    4. Candyfloss machines (See chocolate fountain above).
    5. Smoke generators or pyrotechnics except (as they set off the fire alarm).
    6. Verbal or physical abuse towards the staff. We will not hesitate to call the police and have abusive guests taken away.
    7. Outdoor music after 8.00 pm and only quiet outdoor music the rest of the time (so as not to be heard by our neighbours). This includes DJs, Bands, Singing, Music festival, etc, etc


  • Stolen goods are charged at cost plus a £250 “restocking fee”. So PLEASE do not take home our bathrobes, Xboxes or DVDs, as the cleaners do a stock take at check-out. (Don’t worry about a few broken dishes).
  • Only persons notified at time of booking may occupy the accommodation. The maximum number of persons permitted to occupy the accommodation is limited to the number of beds, sofa beds, cots and camp beds. This limit may not be exceeded, except with written approval of the owners or their agent so please don’t try to hold a secret wedding reception without telling us about the 100 day guests first. (Yes, someone really did this).
  • Up to two camper vans are welcome (with the agreement of the brides and grooms). Sorry, we do not allow tents.
  • Please ensure that you leave the accommodation as you found it. We will clean and change the beds, but we expect it to be relatively tidy and the dishes, cutlery etc washed (or in the dishwasher). The good housekeeping deposit shall be forfeit if it is necessary to carry out any cleaning out with what we consider to be reasonable or for any losses or repairs, not attributable to normal wear and tear. We allocate 35 cleaner hours to clean the house and the ballroom which is more than enough under normal circumstances. We will pass on any additional charges in the event that more than 35 hours is required.
  • We are happy to welcome dogs. Please ensure that they do not eat the furniture or plants and that they are kept on a lead in the garden and immediate grounds (there are chickens, cats, pheasants and red squirrels about), and please clean up any mess (there are children around).
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that guests can stay in the accommodation that they have booked, however under exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to find guests alternative accommodation. We will inform guests of any changes prior to their arrival. (We have never had to do this).
  • Discount cards, special rates and special offers are only valid for offers published on our extras and offers pages, are not valid with any other offers, reduced or corporate rates and are subject to availability at time of booking.
  • The cleaning staff will usually only enter the house late morning to early afternoon but we reserve the right for the owners and their agents to enter the house at any time. This includes tradesmen.
  • Children are welcome but their close supervision and safety is the responsibility of the accompanying adult(s). They should be supervised at all times, including in the garden, trampoline, on the climbing frame, tree house, etc. We require adult supervision in the hot tubs and pool of anyone under the age of 16.
  • Guests should not stray (or allow their children to stray) onto private property which is clearly signed.
  • We accept liability for loss of any article left in our safe deposit, up to a limit of £250.
  • We do not accept liability for loss of or damage to any items left in any of our stores, the marquee, ballroom or house.
  • We will endeavor to reunite guests with any lost belongings after their stay, but will not be held responsible for their safekeeping, or safe return. We would ask that you contact us to arrange a suitable time to collect items.
  • Guests will be held responsible for ensuring that windows and doors are locked as necessary. Guests will also be responsible for securing the premises against gate crashers and uninvited guests.
  • We reserve the right to cancel single-sex group bookings. We do not really want groups of drunken yobs staying. We do not allow hen or stag parties. Drunken nice people are very welcome though.
  • In the event of any dispute or if we receive a serious complaint, we reserve the right to terminate your stay without notice or refund.
  • We are providing the house and ballroom for your use. We will do our utmost to make you happy, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to utilise the accommodation or ballroom to the full capacity (wedding guests and house guests) that you wish. 
  • Guests using internet access do so within the bounds of UK law.
  • We are not responsible for the content of any external websites / pages / information linked to our website or social media.
  • Sky+HD includes film channels but excludes sports and sky box office.
  • The pool temperature is set between 26 – 30 degrees Celsius, dependant on the time of year and the load on the house central heating system. (It is not set to warm bath temperature).
  • We take no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury for services or goods provided by third parties companies including, but not limited to vehicles parked on the estate, leisure club, riding stables, casino, restaurants, taxi companies, caterers, florist, band, hairdresser, photographer, makeup artist, masseur, entertainers, helicopters (sit in ones or drones).
  • Management reserves the right to change the location, layout and makeup of the Ballroom and associated facilities, including substituting the ballroom for a marquee. (We have never had to do this).
  • Management reserve the right to carry out maintenance/construction work at any time (but will ensure that this is as quiet as possible and no non-essential work will be carried out on wedding day).
  • Wedding parties must provide coaches in the evening if they have more than 30 evening guests and car parking will be limited to 30 cars on the evening of the wedding to ensure that there is no noise nuisance with late-night revellers leaving the wedding after 11.00 pm.
  • All suppliers contracted to operate in the house require liability insurance. Please ensure that copies are forwarded to us.
  • Guests and their suppliers using the ballroom only (i.e. not staying in or visiting the house, with no business in the house itself, not visiting the standing stones on the way to the house) or exercising any other right of access must use the rear driveway from Whiteford. Late night traffic must exit the ballroom via the rear driveway to Whiteford.
  • Information provided at the time of your enquiry (typical menus, quotes, bar prices, drinks prices, etc.) may be subject to change and should be treated as indicative only.
  • We reserve the right to stipulate suppliers that may or may not be used. Hudsons catering are the only supplier that we currently allow for the wedding day catering and bar.


  • Let’s face it, we run competitions because we are nice and not to make money, so we reserve the right to change the prizes, time, location and pretty much everything else as we see fit.
  • Competitions do not include the cost of catering, flowers, wedding cars, entertainers or any other cost associated with your wedding, other than that of the ballroom itself.
  • For the purpose of these terms, competition, giveaway and draw have the same meaning.
  • We reserve the right to change prizes and terms at any time.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a competition at any time.
  • We reserve the right to extend the closing date of a competition at any time.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the end of a competition.
  • We reserve the right to withhold any prize should we feel that it was obtained in an un-sportsmanlike manner.
  • Competitions are for the USE of the house and/or ballroom in accordance with our normal terms and conditions, not the actual house itself. That’s right, you don’t get to own the house!
  • Winners are bound by these terms.
  • This prize is not exchangeable or transferrable.


  • We reserve the right to cancel or change the terms of any offer.
  • Offers are only valid for bookings made with Logie Country House (Logie Estates Ltd) and no other suppliers or services are included in any offer unless specifically stated (So a 10% off your booking offer is 10% off the price of renting Logie Country House only and excludes catering, florists, band, etc, etc)
  • By taking advantage of any offers, you are effectively paying a reduced rate because you pay early. Please refer to the terms above concerning cancellation and alteration of your booking.

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