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Wedding Photos & Videos

Looking for Scottish Wedding photographers & videographers? Look no further

We have some fantastic wedding photographers and videographers in Scotland.

You can see some of the wedding films and videos on our app (LogieVIP) which links to YouTube and Vimeo. Or check out Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

We are happy for you to use drones too as our Horses and Cows are far enough away to not be too bothered. You will need to beware of the planes and helicopters on their way to and from Aberdeen Airport though. Just make sure tha the drone is under 150 feet. Beware of the trees! the tallest is nearly 50 meters high.

We are also happy to welcome Brides and Grooms for pre wedding shoots or snowy or sunny day shoots. Just email us to arrange first though.

All of the Wedding Photographers & Videographers below have done fantastic work at Logie Country House and we are sure that they will not disappoint.

Anna Wytrazek Photography

Apex Photographics
01467 634717

Apricot Tree

Calum Riddell Photography
07528 145314

Dani Rose Photography

Deeside Photographics
01330 824300

Flat 4D Media

James Kelly Photography
07999 120617

Kelly Alison Duncan Photography
01224 714266

Orchard Studio Productions
07846 068293

Rubislaw Studio
01224 624460

Sam Brill
07766 541299

Scott Winchester Photography
07805 864 202

Stuart Reid 
01467 634717

Susan Renee Photography


Awards and Accolades

Logie Country House has won several awards and nominations and is featured in the best wedding directories

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