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Wedding Vicars, Celebrants, Druids & Registrars

Getting married. Good! We have the Best Aberdeenshire Wedding Venue, so you’re at the right place! Now choose one of the fantastic wedding celebrants to marry you.

Scottish Weddings can be conducted inside or outside. All you need to do is apply for a wedding licence from Aberdeenshire Council at least 28 days beforehand and we can help you with all of that! Then you need to chose on of the many fantastic wedding celebrants!

We can hold weddings in our ballroom, in the house, in the courtyard, on the front lawn, in a field, or by our Pictish Standing Stones (if you are a Druid) or for super intimate weddings, you would be able to use our private island in the Caribbean (only joking; it’s in the River Urie).

Many of our guests bring their own minister or preacher along. We have had the pleasure of entire Church congregations at Logie Country House from hundreds of miles away. Many brides & grooms hold their wedding ceremony at a local Church.

Many have a humanist or registrar conduct their wedding and our favourites wedding celebrants are listed below. If you would like more information on a local Church wedding or minister, please email us.

Angie Alexandra
Interfaith Celebrant & Minister
07940 735555

Bob Johnstone
Humanist Celebrant
07900 098125

Bryan Begg
Humanist Celebrant
07539 376920

Julie Barnes 
Ceremony Officer
01467 468 468

Linda Rae
01467 587840

Louise McAllister
Humanist celebrant
07786 098286

Muriel Henderson
0800 014 8237

Neil Mellis
Celebrant & Master of ceremony
07890 591090

Rachel Donald
Humanist Celebrant
07815 555105

Awards and Accolades

Logie Country House has won several awards and nominations and is featured in the best wedding directories

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